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Had It Coming: What’s Fair in the Age of #MeToo?
Written by Robyn Doolittle
Published by Allen Lane


Had It Coming tackles the urgent issues around sexual politics at the heart of contemporary Canadian culture. Robyn Doolittle, well known for her Unfounded series on police handling of sexual assault cases, offers an astute diagnosis of the origin and legacy of #MeToo. With professionalism, balance, and empathy, she seeks to move forward towards a new era of positive change in attitudes towards sexual harassment and assault. Doolittle, while underlining the importance of both due diligence and due process, offers persuasive evidence of a gradual shift in social attitudes, engaging us in a spirited conversation about the complexities of this ongoing social transformation.


Picking up from her award-winning series Unfounded, Doolittle brings a personal voice to the #MeToo movement and its aftermath. An illuminating and timely look at the changing landscape of sexual politics.




Robyn Doolittle

is a Globe and Mail investigative journalist. Her reporting on Mayor Rob Ford for the Toronto Star won the Michener Award for public service journalism, and her best-selling book Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story earned her the Kobo Emerging Writer Award. Her Unfounded series won her another Michener Award, amongst others, and inspired a nationwide overhaul of police policy, training and oversight around sexual assault. She lives in Toronto.