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Life on the Ground Floor: Letters From the Edge of Emergency Medicine
Written by James Maskalyk
Published by Doubleday Canada


Starting with A is for Airway, physician and humanitarian James Maskalyk leads us through the many ways in which our bodies sustain and fail us, and how we become better able to tend – and attend – to each other. This book is a study in contrasts. Medicine as practiced in a world-class Toronto hospital – and at bare bones clinics in Sudan and Ethiopia. Maskalyk’s busy life as a healer in a Canadian city and in Africa – and his grandfather’s quiet work on a farm and trapline. For Maskalyk, “Medicine is life caring for itself” and is “the greatest story.”


“Maskalyk offers penetrating, honest and deeply personal insight into modern-day medical practice with all of its paradoxes, ambiguities and uncertainties.”
James Orbinski




James Maskalyk

practices emergency medicine at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, is an award-winning teacher and member of Medicin sans Frontieres. He lives in Toronto.